Thursday, August 31, 2006


Les Houches

The 3 week summer school in Les Houches was arranged with lots of time for hiking and taking in the beautiful scenary all around.

Here's the Chamonix valley, taken from just above the location of the summer school.

This is the Galcier Des Bossons, from about a quater of the way up. See those trees on the left - me and some fellow physicsts had lunch above there, on the edge of the glacier.

This is the view from the edge, as appreciated by Nate and Taylor.

Cooling off on the way down - that water is straight of the glacier. Damn cold.

The lads, town centre Chamonix - Tony, the Argentinian, Jose and Nate, enjoying his ice-cream.

MMMM Ice cream.

The soccer playing crew...

...and the world cup soccer watching crew.

There were some talks about physics too, and some intense discussions. Really.

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