Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Purple Snow

To contrast what it looks like back at UQ at this time, below is a photo I took before I left. The Jacaranda flowers are gone now that BrisVegas is into summer though, and it's stinking hot. A cold, possible white Christmas will definitely be something different for me. Not sweating profusely in the face of a large roast dinner will be a something of a novelty!


The Jacaranda's down by the lake at UQ. Pretty special.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Snowing in UBC

Didn't people tell me that it didn't snow in Vancouver? Well, as you'll se below, it has indeed snowed and snowed hard. I must say, with the snow around it doesn't feel as cold, and the winter seems that much nicer.


Me in front of the Walter C. Koerner Library, at UBC. Notice the snow. It's not meant to snow in Vancouver.


The clock tower near the Physics and Astronomy building. With that old school lamp post, and those real-life Christmas tress, I feel like I'm in a Christmas movie.


Who said it doesn't snow in Vancouver?

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Why the title??

So to kick off... Why "Eye of the Tiger"?

"Eye of the Tiger" is THE song written by the early '80's rock group 'Survivor', and is unarguably the greatest inspirational rock anthem in existence. Yes, I put it above "We are the Champions" - it has more words, better music and just makes you want to jump back into the ring (just ask old man Dawson).

"Eye of the Tiger" was written as the theme sing for Rocky III (released in 1982) at the request of Sly Stallone himself. From

In the movie, Rocky Balboa is shown resting on his laurels, living the good life, doing American Express commercials and photo-ops and slacking off his training regimen. in stark contrast were scenes of the ominous Mr. T, training hard, sweating, bleeding and pouring out every last ounce of effort to become the boxing champion of the world. Rocky's trainer, played by Burgess Meredith, implores Rocky to get back "The Eye Of The Tiger," meaning his edge and his hunger to be the champ.
Apollo Creed also gets in on the action, once he's become Rocky's coach, after Mr T kills Mickey. Before his fight he tells reporters, Rocky has the 'eye of the tiger' back again, the same thing he saw in Rocky's eyes before his fight against him in Rocky II. Very inspirational stuff.

The song was #1 in 1982, won a Grammy award and was also nominated for an Oscar!
I think it is best left to one of its authors, Jim Peterik of Survivor to some it up:

"I guess if you want to analyze it, it would be an unbelievable, powerful beat which is so simple and primal. It's the reason marching bands still make formations to it, it's very simple. It's 2 and 4, that's it. Then you have the term 'Eye Of The Tiger' and the tiger imagery. It's a great image, it's a ferocious image. Then you have the very simple melody - the chorus is like 3 or 4 notes. I guess simplicity with a message people can relate to. It's all those things."

For me, it's all about drunken New Years Eves on Stradbroke Island. Good times, good times...


Risin' up, back on the streets..

...and those streets are the streets of Vancouver.

Since my first, and somewhat unsuccessful, attempt at a blog, I've created this new and improved blog, with a much better title!!

Now that I'm living quite far from home, my hope is to use this blog as somewhere for friends and family to catch up on what I'm doing, see photos of where I'm going, and to simply get their daily dose of Hinesy! As such, many posts may contain widely inaccurate and inappropriate statements, and much teasing of Mohan. Some may contain both simultaneously.

Hopefully you'll also get a look at how my time with the Canucks is fairing (and prevent me from sending large amounts of email!)

Happy reading!

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