Monday, December 18, 2006


Are The Living End the greatest band ever??

Why yes, yes they are. No band has kicked so much live ass since Bon Scott passed out in the back seat of a car! This evening I witnessed the boys put on a power-house display of live music at a downtown club here in Vancouver. Despite this being the last show of a hectic north American tour before heading home, the band still managed to show these Canucks how a real rock n' roll show is done. Kicking off with Red Room, from the new album, then finishing with an encore performance of West End Riot, complete with Chris standing on top of Scott's bass during his solo, it was no stop live energy. For me, I was happy that after a day of snowboarding yesterday, and my 27th birthday 2 weeks ago, I could still get amongst it in the mosh pit. Not only that, but during the support act, I met the bass player Scott, who came out the front for a beer (top bloke!) then caught a drum stick from Andy at the end of the show. The other went to another Aussie, who I caught up with after the show, for some stick bashing and an AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!! you can see the stick displayed proudly in the picture. Seriously, how good are they.

Yes, yes they are.

Seeing The Living End in the Summer of 97/98 just before they broke was so totally kick ass. I saw them open for Jebediah in a tiny gig in the Valley. Damn that was a cool night.

I think that same summer you and I saw The Living End play at Warped, is that right? I'm pretty sure you were wearing army pants and a Pennywise shirt as well. I may have been lugging a skateboard around with me all day and might have spent the night before at a cocktail party at Marty's house as well.
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