Monday, December 04, 2006


Let it snow and snow and snow...

Following a week of torrential rain, resulting in the tap water becoming undrinkable - we had to boil up drinking water - the temperature dropped and, just like a year ago, it snowed in Vancouver. Unlike last year however, it didn't stop for nearly 3 days and we had over 30cm of snow in the city and temperatures going below -10. Now Vancouver is not a city designed for thius weather, and the resultant fallen trees (from the weight of the snow) led to a lot of power outages, including the entirity of UBC. This meant that last Monday the university was completely shut down. That wasn't really a problem though, except that I had no power, or drinking water, at home, which meant no idea that the uni was shut down. So I left my cold powerless basement without food, hoping to get heat and a hot meal out at UBC. Of course that wasn't to be. So after trudgubg around in the snow for an hour or two - taking photos, fresh powder makes for some beautiful pictures - I had to knock on th door of some grad student friends to ask for food and shelter until the power came back on at my place. Thankfully, they had power, heat AND curry, since the power wasn't restored to my area unti 8pm. However, despite the power outages, the icy roads etc, snow really does make it seem like winter and Christmas - thanks to an egg nog latte from Starbucks!

That's insane dude.
brrrr....i'm not envious.
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